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Racist in America

re: Not hot enough...

39 What to do for New Year's Eve? 39 (Jacksonville)

25 I guess I'm not hot enough.. oh well. 25 (somewhere)

For Those With A "Size" Preference (Onslow)

Re: Group of black men.//Brittany Tucker

32 This cherrygirl your hot 32 (Pineygreen)

RE: Let's talk about fantasies!!!! (Anywhere) (My Dreams and my reality) pic

40 Feeling alone in a room full of people 40 (Jacksonville)

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas CL. pic

re:disrespectful boyfriend

56 Re:disrespect from boyfriend 56 (Jax)

re Brittany shanice tucker

100 One crazy bitch 100 (Everywhere) pic

read this (jacksonville)

re: To the marine serving likes to fight in stores - 1

199 To the marine serving likes to fight in stores 199

99 Bad People 99 (106 East Coopers Ct. Hubert, NC)

27 Tired of being alone 27 (Jacksonville)

38 re veteran hater who posted yesterday. 38

Re: Vets piss me off

veteran haters - 38 (everywhere piss off''

re: veteran haters

38 veteran haters 38 (everywhere)

Stop Whoredom (Jax)

To the sellers on here (everywhere)

To the group of Black Guys who disrespected my BF

Racial Negativity

're: cherrygirl32

RE: Such A Child (the light of day)


21 terrible with meeting people 21 (jville )

25 being broke 25

24 Re marijuana 24 (Hubert)

26 Advice to people selling stained mattresses 26

Stroking it for you! (jacksonville)

're: Marijuana


24 theres levels to this shit 24 (jacksonville nc)

Vets piss me off.

22 Lonely 22

Love Yourself First (jacksonville nc)

Let's talk about fantasies!!!! (Anywhere)

good news


30 A question for the ladies.... 30 (Jacksonville)

Re: last poster, no love for veterans

last poster, no love for veterans. (jax)

Re:re: no love for veterans (Veteranville)

The Woes of Fast Food

Re: i love giving my nuts to married women. (Aidsville)

Re: relationships

32 Whiners whine, losers lose, winners win 32


Re: you have potential bs

Re: no love for veterans

Rueben Sandwiches

27 Word to the wise 27 (Jacksonville)

Joe Ski

30 just can get right 30 pic

Re:whiny single dude

44 miss you 44 (Jax)

Re: The crybaby.

What a joke (jacksonville nc)

42 Thank you ;) 42 (53 / Burgaw Hwy)

27 Tired of being hurt, where are the good women! 27 (jacksonville nc)

Re: Tired of being alone

27 Is it impossible? 27 (jacksonville nc)

We need a Marine's help! (on the NYC R&R board)

Can a b***h see me from here?

27 Riddle me.. 27 (Jax) pic

RE:RE: Britany Shanice Robinson - 28 (jacksonville) pic

28 RE: Britany Shanice Robinson 28 (jacksonville)


Everything that is wrong with Jacksonville.

27 Moving to Jville soon. Any Buddhists around? 27 (Jacksonville)

33 Where did you Go? 33 (MCAS New River) pic

Losing hours

A rant about myself. (Jville)

121 U broke ass Ho 121 (jacksonville )

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

56 Happy Holidays from The Great Carnac 56 (myrtle beach) pic

People who expect others to pay their way (Goldsboro)

I need a church

45 re: WalMart poor customer service 45

great news!! pic

32 Airport guy 32

99 You REALLY made it hurt this time. 99 (Raleigh)

Reaching Out (All of NC)

27 Christian from Fort Hood 27 (bolsboro/grays creek) pic

44 Re: Walmart customer service 44 (myrtle beach) pic

Government funding for college

re 2 cops murdered

60 [2] cops killed for what reason 60

45 WalMart poor customer service 45 (Horry County)

Frustrated (Harnett County)

31 Government Funding For College 31 (goldsboro)

RE-To the idiot posting about Chimps at the zoo (Is that you Einstein?) pic

US Black-White intelligence gap (derrr) pic

41 RE: The Negro Problem 41 (Myrtle)

20 nsa freak group 20 (Greenville)

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