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99 Typical Rant to a degree 99 (On the Dark Side of the Moon)

29 Typical Rant 29

Love is a Figment of ones Imagination (Follow The Yellow Brick Road)

48 Need to unload Now. 48

That isnt love

base housing (jacksonville nc)

40 Point me in the right direction! 40 (Jacksonville)

45 Re: Marine Wives 45 (Wherever)

53 6 surprises waiting for you after leaving the military 53 (jacksonville) pic

66 to the [2] guys who bailed on cab fare thanks for the [225] dollar tip 66

23 Funny little girl 23 (jacksonville nc)

26 Why is it so hard to get laid in jacksonville 26

28 complete and total bs 28 (Jacksonville)

RE: Hate Marine Wives

Why I hate "marine" wives...

50 Nathanial and Gabriel. Helped our daughter 50 (Hgwy 17)

Why I hate "marine" wives...

Jville strip clubs

53 The city of Jhell and the people 53 (Jville) pic

33 tag chasing skank 33 (stdville) pic

Re: Tag you're it sucker (Trenton) pic

're: tag chasing bitch

Re: fantasy

54 Stupid Ass Marines 54 (Usmc) pic

RE:To the Woman Who Left This Note on My Car (jville) pic

RE: Let's talk about fantasies!!!! (Anywhere) (My Dreams and my reality) pic

30 RE: Fantasy 30

36 not the best place but what if? 36 (jville)

No way to live.

28 NOT racist, just looking for a serious answer 28 (Jacksonville)

39 Anyone following EPL? 39 (Jacksonville)

40 Re: mistake 40 (Jacksonville)

're: mistake

swallowing, what's that about?

23 crazy people - m4w 23 (Richlands)

23 people in jacksonville - m4w 23 (Richlands)

40 Moving to Jacksonville feels like a mistake 40 (Jacksonville)

21 in love 21 (gum branch rd) pic

40 Dating question for the guys 40 (Jacksonville)

22 Gay best friend needed :) 22 (Jacksonville)

're: 're: re: dumpster

Re: 're dumpster

're: dumpster of Craig's list

Rants: the dumpster of craigslist

're: racism in America

9001 Racism in America. 9001

20 How come? 20 (Jacksonville)

22 RE: Racist in America 22

Re: Racist in America

54 To whoever picked up wallet 54 (jacksonville)

Racist in America

re: Not hot enough...

39 What to do for New Year's Eve? 39 (Jacksonville)

25 I guess I'm not hot enough.. oh well. 25 (somewhere)

For Those With A "Size" Preference (Onslow)

Re: Group of black men.//Brittany Tucker

40 Feeling alone in a room full of people 40 (Jacksonville)

re:disrespectful boyfriend

56 Re:disrespect from boyfriend 56 (Jax)

re Brittany shanice tucker

re: To the marine serving likes to fight in stores - 1

199 To the marine serving likes to fight in stores 199

99 Bad People 99 (106 East Coopers Ct. Hubert, NC)

27 Tired of being alone 27 (Jacksonville)

38 re veteran hater who posted yesterday. 38

Re: Vets piss me off

veteran haters - 38 (everywhere piss off''

re: veteran haters

38 veteran haters 38 (everywhere)

Stop Whoredom (Jax)

To the group of Black Guys who disrespected my BF

Racial Negativity

RE: Such A Child (the light of day)


21 terrible with meeting people 21 (jville)

25 being broke 25

24 Re marijuana 24 (Hubert)

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

25 murders 25 (fayetteville nc) pic

Looks like Cletus has gotten into some girls head (u want some a Ol' Cletus, dontcha girl?) pic

I crapped out a few HUGE liberals today pic

51 BBW"S AND BHM 51 (Whitakers NC) pic

Yea yea, boo hoo. (Wahhh)

Oh nooooessss! Dem weallee scawey faxxxss pic

54 A Scientific Look At The Dangers We Face Every Day.... 54

66 re-BIKE WEEK 66

re: FREE!!! (We have one too!!!) pic



crletus teh errrport gie (du jour) pic

re; 3 main pusters pic

Re-Re: Maybe cats shouldn't be left to roam, breed, poop&pee (F8I) pic

see the TRUE pics of evil (wilmington) pic

What the hell is going on here? (Downtown) pic

Woohoo the carpet bagger is madd! (Yea, u mad now.) pic

awww, 👧 someones upset about the airport guy (poor widdle girl 👧) pic

55 Re: Why am I so lonely. 55 (Been there ville)

36 re:the things I can't say to you... 36 (south port)

Is the Airport Guy Spec-Ops? (?) pic

Could it be? Is that..? maybe? Yes? No? OMG (It is...) pic

Yet More Crime (Horry County)

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